Anarchists of Utah: Come Write For Us!

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Utah Liberty Alliance seeks to be the voice of anarchism in Utah. We publish articles and media that give an anarchist perspective to issues and events that affect Utahns, make our work free to share and republish without permission, and submit op-eds to publications throughout Utah. If you can write and want to raise awareness and inspire action in the Beehive State, please submit your work to us using one of the following methods:

  • Register for an account at You can write and submit your article using our platform, after which it will be published after approval by the editorial staff.
  • Submit an article without registering at Although it is not required, we suggest you include some valid way to contact you (email is fine) in case we have questions about your submission.
  • Email your work to

Aside from op-eds, we welcome other articles, poetry, photos, art, music, podcasts, or any other medium whereby the message of anarchism may be conveyed.

Help tear down hierarchy in Utah and bring liberty to those who thirst for it!


  • I am interested in linking up with some people who are of a like mind. I feel like i may be leaning towards anarchy in many of my thought processes, and want to learn more about it, and see where i really stand. i don’t agree with statism. i think people can govern themselves. email me back if you get the chance, with some links to groups in utah i can connect with to get my thoughts flowing in the most productive direction.


    mike beck

  • I’ve got a girl friend who is in trouble with children custody laws.Could you help her.She is living in Ogden
    Thank in Advance

  • Highly energetic article, I liked that a lot. Will there be
    a part 2?

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